Hastings  Photographers ( I - L )

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Directory of Photographic Studios in Hastings & St. Leonards-on-Sea 1848-1910

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Name of Photographer or Studio

Business Address (or residence)


I  / J    
JARRETT, J. W.               52 Bohemia Road, ST. LEONARDS-ON-SEA 1910
JARRETT, J. W. (J. W. Jarrett & Co.)       *  194 Queens Road, HASTINGS 1909-1910
JENNINGS (Henry) Constantine  The Memorial Studio, 51c Robertson Street, HASTINGS 1881-1886
                                                                                  *  8 Cambridge Gardens, HASTINGS 1882
                                                                                  * The Memorial Studio, 52 Robertson Street, HASTINGS  
   The Memorial Studio,  Robertson Street & Cambridge Road, HASTINGS 1881-1886
JOCELYN  Lady Frances (Fanny)   notes & examples  White Rock Villa, White Rock Place, HASTINGS 1861(C)
JOHNSTONE Mortimer (wrongly listed as JOHNSON)         *  104 Queens Road, HASTINGS 1891-1901
JUDGE  Fred  Brooker's Photo Stores, 21A Wellington Place, HASTINGS 1902-1904
                                                                                   *  42 White Rock, HASTINGS 1905-1909
   51 Havelock Road, HASTINGS 1910


KING  Frederick  21 White Rock, HASTINGS 1898-1899
KING  Mrs Maria  Assembly Rooms, ST. LEONARDS-ON-SEA 1851
KLAHN,  E.  141 Queens Road, HASTINGS 1910
KNIGHT  Henry                                         *  Regina House, 20 Grand Parade, ST. LEONARDS-ON-SEA 1870-1889
                                                                   *  20 Grand Parade, ST. LEONARDS-ON-SEA 1870
   27 Stockleigh Road, ST. LEONARDS-ON-SEA 1882
LANE, J. T.                                                  *  Belle Vue House, Marine Parade, c1868
LEA, Henry  52 High Street, HASTINGS 1890-1891
   Clarence Villa, London Road, Ore near HASTINGS 1892-1893
LEONARD  George  23 East Street, HASTINGS  ( Residence )


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