Burgess Hill Photographers (A-O)

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Professional Photographers in Burgess Hill   (A-O)

Percy Chapman - Walter Cordrey - Jules Adrian Desfontaines - Aaron Foster - Hall's Studios - Frederick James Holden - A. H. Homewood

Henry (Hal) Lawrence - Mrs Pattie Lawrence - Albert Mann



















Carte-de-visite Portraits taken in Burgess Hill by Aaron Foster of Brighton & Burgess Hill


HALL'S STUDIOS (Proprietor - William Hall)


[ABOVE] The Burgess Hill Football Club Team photographed by W. Hall & Son (1884).

[Back Row] C. P. Thompson; G. R. Lascelles; D. G. Spiro; J. R. Brownlow; G. E. Currey

[Middle Row] F. C. Lingard; J. F. G. Dill (captain); C. Aubrey Smith

[Front Row] R. S. Oxley; A. W. Cornwallis; R. C. G. Dill


Frederick James HOLDEN

Frederick James Holden was born at Pulborough, Sussex, in January 1873, the son of Harriet and Frederick Holden, a railway signalman. During the early 1890s, when he was just a teenager, Frederick James Holden was employed as a photographer’s assistant in one of the studios belongong to the Brighton photographer Ebenezer Pannell. The 1891 census records Frederick Holden as an 18 year old "Photographer" at 28 Sudeley Place, Brighton, one of the two studios operated by Ebenezer Pannell and his sister Frances Pannell. At the time of the 1891 census, Ebenezer Pannell was residing with his wife and children at 49 St George's Road, Brighton and eighteen year old Frederick Holden was lodging with Miss Fanny Pannell at 28 Sudeley Place, Brighton. By 1895, Frederick James Holden had established his own photographic studio, first at 6 Bank Buildings, Burgess Hill and then at 2 Southdown Villas, opposite the church in Church Road, Burgess Hill.

During the First Quarter of 1896, Frederick Holden married Martha Harriet Grover (born 1871, Brighton), the daughter of Mary and Charles Grover, who worked as a saddler in Brighton. Frederick and Martha's only child, a boy named Frederick Donovan Holden, was born in Brighton or Hove in 1905. [The birth of Frederick Donovan Holden was registered in the Sussex district of Steyning during the 4th Quarter of 1905. At this time, Hove was included in the  Steyning registration district].

In 1900, after four years as a photographer in Burgess Hill, Frederick Holden was invited to join his former employer in a business partnership, to trade under the name of Pannell & Holden. The partnership between Frederick Holden and Ebenezer Pannell was dissolved in July 1905. Pannell & Holden's former studio at 16a Dyke Road, Brighton passed to Frederick Holden, but after a year or so, Holden sold the studio to Mrs Ada Schofield (born 1859, Cheltenham) and returned to Burgess Hill. Between 1907 and 1909, Frederick James Holden operated a photographic portrait studio in Church Road, Burgess Hill. After a couple of years, Frederick Holden and his family left Burgess Hill to set up a new photographic studio in Reigate, Surrey.

When the census was taken on 2nd April 1911, Frederick James Holden was living with his wife and five year old son at 13 St Mary's Road, Reigate, Surrey. On the census return, Frederick James Holden is described as a thirty-eight year old "Photographer". To make ends meet, Frederick and Martha Holden had taken in a trio of lodgers, all three of them young bakery workers - Adeline Spicer, a twenty-one year old baker's assistant from Deal in Kent, Percy Bate, a teenage baker baker from Holmwood in Surrey and fifteen year old Albert Hasbird, a "pastry cook apprentice" from Windsor. The 1913 edition of Kelly's Directory of Sussex lists Frederick J. Holden as a photographer at 34 High Street, Reigate, Surrey.

Frederick James Holden died in Dorking, Surrey, in 1929, at the age of 56. The following year, Frederick Donovan Holden, married Winifred M. Bailey in Dorking. Mrs Martha Harriet Holden, Frederick's widow, died in Brighton in 1944, aged 72.

[ABOVE] A carte-de-visite portrait of a young child seated on a chair by  Frederick James Holden of Church Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex (c1907).

Cabinet Portraits by Frederick James Holden of Burgess Hill

[ABOVE] A cabinet portrait of a mother and child by Frederick James Holden, No.2 Southdown Villas, opposite church, Burgess Hill, Sussex (c1899). [ABOVE] A cabinet portrait of a young man by Frederick James Holden, No.2 Southdown Villas, opposite church, Burgess Hill, Sussex (c1899). [ABOVE] A cabinet portrait of a young couple by Frederick James Holden, No.2 Southdown Villas, opposite church, Burgess Hill, Sussex (c1899).

[ABOVE] A cabinet portrait of an unknown woman by Frederick James Holden of Church Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex (c1907). [ABOVE] A cabinet portrait of a clergyman by Frederick James Holden of Church Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex (c1907). [ABOVE] A cabinet portrait of a young woman by Frederick James Holden of Church Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex (c1907).




Henry (Hal) LAWRENCE (born c1873, Nottingham?) and Mrs Pattie LAWRENCE [ Hannah Martha Simmons (born 1861, Highbury, London) ]

According to census returns, Henry 'Hal' Lawrence was born around 1873 in Nottingham, but documentary evidence of his birth and birthplace is hard to find. It appears that Henry Lawrence arrived in the Burgess Hill area as a photographer around 1900. A carte-de-visite taken by 'H. Lawrence' of 'Burgess Hill' carries a handwritten inscription which gives the date of the photograph as 'Oct. 1900". [See illustration on the right]

Early in 1901, Henry Lawrence married 'Pattie' Simmons in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. When the census was taken a couple of months later on 31st March, 1901, the couple were recorded in Church Road, Burgess Hill. On the census return, Henry Lawrence is described as a self-employed 'Photographer" working from his home in Church Road. Henry Lawrence gives his age as 28 and his place of birth as Nottingham, but I have been unable to find a record of his birth in Nottingham's birth registrations during the period 1872-1873. Henry's wife gives her name as "Pattie Lawrence" and informed the census enumerator that she was a 30 year old 'Photo Artist' who had been born in Highbury, North London. Sharing Mr & Mrs Lawrence's home in Church Road, Burgess, Hill, was 'Mrs Sarah B. Simmonds' (Sarah Butler Simmons), Henry Lawrence's mother-in-law. The presence of Mrs Simmons on the census return provides some clues about her daughter's true identity. Pattie's mother, Sarah Butler Norris (born 1838, ramsgate, Kent) had married Thomas Franklyn Simmons (born 1840, Maidstone, Kent) in Southwark, South London, in 1860. It appears that Thomas and Sarah Simmons produced only one child during their marriage - Hannah Martha Simmons, who was born in Highbury, North London in 1861. When the 1891 census was taken, Mrs Sarah Simmons and her daughter Hannah were living at 37 Raleigh Street, Sherwood, Nottingham. On the 1891 census return, Hannah Simmons is described as a 28 year old "Photographic Artist". If Hannah Martha Simmons is the same woman as 'Mrs Pattie Lawrence', Henry Lawrence's wife was not as young as indicated on later census returns.

Henry 'Hal' Lawrence was only active as a professional photographer in Burgess Hill for a few years. Lawrence probably began taking photographic portraits in Burgess Hill in 1900 and he is last listed as a photographer in local trade directories in 1903.

It is not clear where Hal Lawrence was working as a photographer between 1904 and 1909. In July 1910, Hal Lawrence had joined with fellow photographer William Leonard Staines (born 1881, London) and stockbroker Albert Winder Grant (born 1869, Co. Tyrone, Ireland) to take over the former portrait studio of Arthur Esme Collings at 120 Western Road, Hove. The three partners called their new photography business Esme Collings (Hove) Ltd. By January 1912, however, the firm of Esme Collings (Hove) Ltd. had been voluntarily liquidated.

Apparently, Hal Lawrence was not based in Hove during the time he was a director of the firm of Esme Collings (Hove) Ltd. The 1911 census records Hal Lawrence as 38 year old photographer living with his wife 'Pattie' Lawrence and his mother-in-law, Mrs Sarah Simmons at 58 Abinger Road, Bedford Park, Chiswick. On the 1911 census return, Hal Lawrence is described as a 'Photographer (Employer)'.

[ABOVE] A carte-de-visite portrait of a woman photographed by Henry 'Hal' Lawrence of Church Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex (1900). [ABOVE] The reverse of the carte-de-visite illustrated on the left showing the inscription in ink which reads: "For Ethel from C. W. Oct. 1900."

[ABOVE] The embossed trade plate of  Henry 'Hal' Lawrence of Church Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex which appears  immediately below the photographic print on the carte-de-visite portrait illustrated above left.


1901 Census: Church Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex






Henry Lawrence Head


Photographer (Employer) at home Nottingham
Pattie Lawrence wife 30 Artist - Photo (own account) Highbury, London
Sarah B. Simmonds* (Sarah Butler Simmons) mother-in-law 63 (widow) Ramsgate, Kent
[ABOVE] The photographer Henry 'Hal' Lawrence recorded with his wife 'Pattie' Lawrence, a photo-artist, and his mother-in-law Mrs Sarah Butler Simmons at their home and business premises in Church Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex, as detailed on the 1901 Census return. There is evidence that Mrs 'Pattie' Lawrence was a dozen years older than her husband but on the 1901 Census return, and on the 1911 Census form, she claimed she had been born in Highbury, North London in 1870 or 1871 when, in fact, it is likely she was born 'Hannah Martha Simmons' in 1861.

Was Mrs 'Pattie Lawrence' the same person as Hannah M. Simmons?

It seems that Henry Lawrence's wife, Mrs 'Pattie Lawrence, did not give her correct personal details on the 1901 and 1911 census returns. Her mother had married ironmonger Thomas Franklyn Simmons in Southwark, South London, in 1860. The following year, Mrs Sarah Butler Simmons gave birth to a baby girl named Hannah Martha Simmons. [Birth registered in the North London district of Islington during the 2nd Quarter of 1861]. It appears that Hannah Martha Simmons was the only child from the union of Sarah Butler Norris and Thomas Franklyn Simmons. In the 1891 Census, Hannah Simmons is recorded as a 28 year old 'Photographic Artist' and is shown living with her mother (Mrs Sarah Simmons) in Nottingham. In both the 1901 Census and 1911 Census, Mrs Sarah Butler Simmons is recorded as living with her daughter and son-in-law, the photographer Henry 'Hal' Lawrence.

When Henry Lawrence married in 1901, his wife's name was given as "Pattie Simmons" and it was indicated on the 1901 Census return that she was born in North London in 1870 or 1871. The evidence seems to suggest that 'Pattie Simmons' was, in fact, Hannah Martha Simmons who was born in North London in 1861.


Albert  MANN


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